“It’s not which browser it”s which browsers and how you use them” from 2009


We’ve got so many browsers to choose from, for me, it’s not which one is the best one, it’s how you use them together.

What browsers:

Currently using a combo of Opera.com, firefox, ie7, ie6, ie5.5, safari and google chrome.

How I’m using them:

Opera – Do most of my morning crap surfing here. Been a fan for a good few years, love the mouse gestures, the solid session save and the quick dial. For my random surfing it suits me perfectly and when I want to do some work, it just gets minimised to the toolbar. For avoiding ads go for a hosts file solution which while not as beautiful a solution as ffs still does the job.

FireFox – My work browser. So many lovely firefox plugins to make web dev just that much easier and also use for google mail which have has my main work contact point.

Google Chrome – Quick browser. Do love the speed and house mates most used, but for it’s speed don’t really use it enough. Currently testing it as my work research browser.

IE7 – Used when in windows for hotmail (as it opens directly from msn, instead of the default browser, *cough*), windows updates and checking that somethings not borked in ie7.

IE6+IE5.5+Safari – Check not broken in that browser.


Find the split keeps me on track, can straight away know where certain stuff is and can keep my surfing from my working.

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