2 near tasteless nutritious fruit smoothie ingredients

Quite simply these are:


Broccoli is a super food and has a brilliant levels of the Vitamins A,C and K. When you add it to a fruit smoothie, you just can’t taste the broccoli at all, it’s flavour is completely overtaken by the fruit. A nutrition breakdown for it is here.

Chia Seeds

I love putting chia seeds in my smoothies, basically every smooth I make has both chia seeds and broccoli, but why? Chia seeds are just an amazing source of omega 3 and 6, most of the supplement tablets are 1000mg or 1500mg however one tbsp has 2400mg, they also have a nice bit of fibre (42% in 2 tbsps) with good levels of Calcium, Phosphorus and Manganese. A final bonus with the seeds is that in a fruit smoothie you can’t taste them or even really notice them. A nutrition breakdown for it is here.

Happy blending.

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