Chrome and Gmail encrypted emails sending and recieving guide

This guide is there to help people with the first steps with using email encryption, hopefully will be of use.

First things first, we need to get the basics set up:

1. Install

2. Find the application in tools -> extensions -> then “Mymail-Crypt for Gmail” and click on “options”.  This will bring up a page like below.


3. Next we generate our keys. Go to my keys, generate new private key, this will generate us a private and public key. For pass phrase I recommend going for longer phrases, these are harder to crack. The generation of keys takes around a minute rather than the few seconds the application claims.

4. We can now share our own public key with friends and add in our friends keys.

To send stuff encrpyted:

1. First you need to add in someones public key. The public key one for is here, add it by going to friends keys -> insert public key then copy and pasting in the key text. The key starts with —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– , then press submit.

You should have something that looks like this:


2. – I recommend restarting chrome after this step, it seems not to notice new public keys straight away at times.

3. We can now send someone an encrpyted email! To do this go to gmail click on compose, you’ll notice that the plugin has added in 3 options at the bottom right. For now we’ll just use one which is encrypt, as I’ve had problems getting encrypt and sign working on this plugin so far. Now to send encrpyted, write out your message, highlight and click encrpyt.



4. Now click on send. Congratulations, you’ve just sent your first encrpyted email to someone.

To receive encrypted:

1. With your keys created, send your public key to someone you want to communicate securely with. To do this, you click into friends’ keys, then show key by your email address. Copy and paste that key into an email to someone. If you want link them this article and get them to follow the steps above expect tell them to use your key instead of the key, hopefully you should get sent something encrpyted to you soon.


2. Hopefully they will email you back which will look something a lot like:


All you do now, is use your pass phrase you set up earlier in the box under decrypt, click on decrypt.


Congratulations, you have now entered the beautiful world of encrypted email.

Have a great day.

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