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TODO Tricks – Procrastinating on something? Do the second and third things instead

I’ve been procrastinating recently, there’s a task that has sat on my todo list for past month or so that just hasn’t gotten progressed. It’s a blocker for that project, just not for some of my other projects. Remembered recently my normal trick with things like that, go do something else useful, something like the second or third todo list item.

Time management

Moving my time management to include principles from Stephen Coveys’ book 7 habits.

A version of his weekly planner is available from:

It has an interesting section called “Sharpen the saw,” the saw is you basically.

It breaks these down into 4 sections:

Physical: Beneficial eating, exercising, and resting
Social/Emotional: Making social and meaningful connections with others
Mental: Learning, reading, writing, and teaching
Spiritual: Spending time in nature, expanding spiritual self through meditation, music, art, prayer, or service

Seems sensible really, though handy to have the weekly reminders.

Also the other thing this technique does well is the roles part, be it as a family, work, a wish etc.