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New install 9 firefox plugins to install

1. Ghostery to block most tracking:

2. Https everywhere to use https for security whenever you can –

3. Lastpass, secure password manager unlike firefoxes password manager that just shows the passwords! –

4. Adblock plus, because it is nicer not being sold to the whole time –

5. Download helper, download youtube, vimeo and other videos –

6. Download them all, handy for downloading all the images on a page –

Optional geek ones mostly for developers.

7. Firebug,  any developer debugger –

8. Google pagespeed, useful for flagging optimisations –

9. Yahoo yslow, again optimisation flagging, remember to cache 🙂 –

Hopefully that’s of use

An intro

Who am I and why am I here?

Who? I am me, the author of this blog.

Why? I wanted a place to share some writings, thoughts and musings.

Why should anyone care or be interested?

Dunno, hopefully something will be of interest or useful to you or someone along the way.